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Wow, what a great year! More than 35,000 bots have been built since Facebook Messenger opened its platform to bot developers last year. Thousands more are probably being designed by inspired teams across the globe as you read this article.

There’s no doubt that bots will continue to be huge. Imagine companies being able to provide customers with intimate, one-on-one services at a fraction of the cost of a call center. Imagine you, as a customer, having this personalized service every time you call a company, or not spending long hours calling 1-800 numbers.


One of the best bot building platforms is ChattyPeople.com, with 350 successful businesses signed up in the first three weeks. What makes this platform different is the easy to use and customized platform that can be integrated with Facebook, Shopify, etc.

It offers a truly natural method for creating questions and answers, and with a small amount of practice, you’ll be off making bots in the blink of an eye. It works by building out a decision tree of questions and answers that you create, so if you can create a decision tree, you can build a bot.

Navigation is easy, and the onboarding process is like a game. You will have a dashboard to see all kinds of reports and have the options to make sales and push notifications to your clients.

The arrangement of navigation and menu items has been thoroughly considered out, and the attractive outline makes bot development a joy to behold.

If you’re not yet sold on chatbots, consider some of the benefits for small businesses that chatbots have.

The main advantage is that they enhance customer service. Customers interact with chatbots as they would human representatives, but they’re way cheaper and more efficient, plus they are up and running 24/7.

While chatbots mainly communicate in text, they also employ rich content such as images. This is valuable as it means businesses can show and sell products.

Even companies that don’t engage in customer service can build a bot. Build a chatbot to take care of processes, such as scheduling, or save on hiring assistants─the opportunities are plenty.


Create your platform today by using ChattyPeople.com and be one of the successful companies that interact with customers with personalized service tools.

To bot or not to Bot?

Posted by Maya S.