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Modern applications, such as chatbots, are expanding day by day and turning into hot tools for web based business entrepreneurs as they are highly benefiting from them. Social media platforms and messaging applications offer a considerable measure of marketing and user interaction for the entrepreneur and business owner. Through these applications, they can showcase their products and provide personalized customer service to their clients by utilizing chatbots.

Chatbots are AI (Artificial Intelligence) based programming applications that can coordinate with messaging platforms. A chatbot works in several ways, for example, as online business support tools or by promoting products. Their function is based on their programming, such as they can have conversations with customers, can offer service, and even give updates.

Chatbots are essentially customized to carry on like people and are made to play out different roles such as gathering data or feedback from clients.

The biggest question is, how can you create a chatbot for your website?

To help, Arpatech Magazine has compiled a list of the top 7 platform tools for creating a chatbot without the need for coding.

Moreover, you can use Chattyepople, as well.  It’s easy to use and is integrated with Facebook and Shopify, all without any need for coding.

You can read the entire list of tools for creating a chatbot here.

Posted by Maya S.