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What is a chatbot? Are they worth the hype? How do they work? How can I make one?

Simply put, a chatbot is a program that recreates human discussion, or chat, through computerized reasoning or artificial intelligence. Typically, a chatbot will speak with a real person, however, applications are being created in which two chatbots can speak with each other.

Chatbots can be used for a number of things, from customer service to ordering dinner, and it could reside within any major chat product, such as Slack, Facebook, etc.

The main reason of the using chatbot is to help customers find important information and content, buy items, and book travel – in this way, it can minimize search time to find the right. A bot can also be used to send out messages through notifications.


Be that as it may, why make a bot? Of course, it looks cool and it’s utilizing some super advanced technology, but why is it be a good idea for someone to invest their time and money into a bot?


It’s a huge opportunity and saves money

If you want to have an online business, you need to gather information about the general population…and that place is currently inside messaging apps.

Imagine ordering a dinner with just one button. The chatbot will have all your preferences and knows what kind of crust you want on your pizza, eliminating the need to call a restaurant to place your order.

Bots are made with a purpose in mind. A store may need to make a bot that can help customers purchase merchandise, where another bot is used that can answer client support questions or help you book a hotel for your next vacation.

Getting things done when you are not home or you are out of town can become easier, as you won’t have to wait in lines any longer. You can simply send your bot a message and request a task. When your item is ready, the bot will notify you.


This fully integrated world is right around the corner and will start pushing the customer service experience into 21st century. Further, chatbots are a huge business opportunity for anyone willing to jump into the chatbot hype and build something people desire.


How do these bots work? How would they know how to talk with individuals and answer questions? Isn’t that AI?


Yes, you are right, it is artificial intelligence, yet it’s something that you can thoroughly do by yourself using this free tool. With ChattyPeople, you don’t need to know how to code; you just need to log in and create your account and settings. ChattyPeople is the place where AI and your needs merge. Chattypeople is 100% allowed to begin.


Messaging is where we spend a ton of our time and expect to communicate. It is ridiculous we still have to call most businesses.” — Josh Elman, Partner at Greylock




Building a chatbot can sound overwhelming, yet it’s very easy to make using the ChattyPeople tool. You’ll be making a man-made, brainpower-controlled talking machine in a matter of seconds. Of course, you can also construct a more simplified chatbot with less advanced components and that follows their coded rules.


It remains unknown of whether bots will change the basic way we interact with technology, yet it is certain that bots will be progressively proficient.

Interested? Don’t want to miss the opportunity? Do you want to have a successful business with fewer costs? Click on the link below for a guide and resources about using chatbots.

AI ChatBot Marketing Guide – How to Create a Successful Bot Marketing Strategy

Posted by Maya S.