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Everyone wants a chatbot right now, but not everyone knows why or even how to get one.

Last year, chatbots were barely a drop on the tech world’s radar. Then, a Facebook company announced that its Messenger app would soon feature chatbots from brands including CNN and 1-800-Flowers. And, all of the sudden, just overnight, chatbots became the “next big thing” in tech and the object of endless media coverage.

In their simplest form, chatbots help brands deliver intimate, one-to-one engagement, at scale. Bots are all about creating interactions that feel personal instead of transactional.

Brands can no longer afford to ignore mobile messaging apps as a viable marketing tool. Messaging-app chatbots provide essential communications, e-commerce features, travel planning, and more. Chatbots today are widely used by brands to drive e-commerce, especially among younger consumers.

Everyone wants a chatbot right now, but not everyone knows why or even how to build one. If you fall into that category, read on. . . 

Like any other branding, marketing, or advertising campaign, chatbot campaigns perform best when wrapped with other engagement experiences.

If your bot is going to drive awareness, interest, or traffic, you need to embed other elements into your campaign; make sure to read AI ChatBot Marketing Guide – How to Create a Successful Bot Marketing Strategy to help you with your marketing strategy.


The longer you can extend the user experience, the better your chances of keeping your audience engaged and attentive. Socialmediaexplorer wrote an interesting article about 3 Things Every CMO Needs to Know About Chat Bots, and make sure to read the tips that ChatBot expert Murray Newlands shares about how chatbots can help you and your business.

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Posted by Maya S.