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The number of chatbots are growing with the speed of light, as there more than 30,000 on Facebook Messenger alone since April of last year.

As a result, the possibility of people finding out about your chatbot is getting smaller and smaller.


To help, Murray Newlands─chatbot expert─is sharing tips to help you with your chatbot launch.


5 Chatbot Tips For Launching a New Bot


1. Advertise Your Chatbot on Facebook

Facebook announced that they now offer link ads to Messenger:


Advertisers will now be able to select Messenger as a destination under the website clicks objective and use any call-to-action in their ad, including “Send Message,” to link to Messenger.” ─ Facebook


This is an excellent way to experiment with various audiences!


2. Advertise in Unexpected Places

Putting a bot on Facebook is like advertising a blade of grass in the middle of a field. Therefore, add your bot to Facebook’s directory, but also add it in other areas, as well.

Be sure to launch your bot in unexpected places. Launching your bot in places where no bots are usually found─such as your blog, your website, your newsletter, etc.─will help your bot to stand out more.


2. Streamline Usage

Did you know that limiting user options can lead to engagement boosts?

To streamline use and boost engagement, consider the following:


  • Use buttons instead of free-form user input
  • Replace user actions with automatic transitions
  • Limit options to core use cases


4. Share Your Knowledge

Discovery is a big challenge for all bots, even successful ones. Chatbot growth is challenging but possible.

Share your bot’s story and how you first started with your bot, and what problems and successes you faced. There are currently many people who are desperate to learn how to build the best bots. This is why sharing your thoughts and experiences is much appreciated. A detailed write-up about your learnings can really help to get the conversation started.


5. Always Adapt to Feedback

Continuously reach out for feedback to make critical improvements to your bot. Use feedback from your customers for smarter, personalized notifications, and learn specific needs for your customers.



Final Thoughts

A successful chatbot can help you to reduce your costs, improve customer satisfaction and engagement, and unlock new sources of revenue.

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Posted by Maya S.