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In today’s world of technology, nothing is permanent. Applications rule the world, yet they may end up extinct shortly, all in light of the fact that chatbots are slowly making their foray and are on the march.

As messaging apps become the preferred form of communication, businesses and brands need to find a way to engage with customers.

The times have changed. You don’t look for Alice in Wonderland anymore. Today’s ALICE (Artificial Linguistic Internet Computer Entity) lives in the world of Internet.

Welcome to chatbot, the next big gold rush in the field of online marketing and the way they are changing the world.

Here, we have looked at 5 ways that the chatbots will be in use next few years and how it could change the world through communicating with them.


Businesses will use chat bots in two fields: for customer service to help triage issues before escalating to a human and for internal knowledge transfer and training of employees.


People will start to build trust in AI representing brands, which will allow brands to further design the brand experience. Chatbots will leverage email, SMS, and voice as the conversation mechanism to provide great self-service experiences to customers while removing the hassle of installing an app, navigating through a website, or providing credentials beyond being on the other end of the dialog. Bots backed by advanced AI will allow us to rethink how we run support and call center operations at scale.


Bots can increase awareness for imperative causes using personalized storytelling. To refine the Ethiopian water emergency, Charity: Water and Lokai banded together to manufacture Yeshi, a Facebook Messenger chatbot. Yeshi is a young lady who strolls for over two hours every day to bring water to her family. By talking with Yeshi on Messenger, clients find out about her battles direct. “Using new innovation is an effective approach to interface our young group eye-to-eye with those needing their help.”


HawaBadlo, ChangeTheAir in Hindi, is a quickly growing social movement fighting air pollution in India. They have created a Facebook Messenger bot that keeps users updated about their air quality index based on location. It also encourages them to switch to greener fuels by helping them locate the nearest CNG gas station.


General Health England (PHE) made a Facebook Messenger bot for its month-long “Stoptober” campaign to help individuals quit smoking. The bot served as a support tool, sharing tips and distracting users with games so they could keep from giving in to cigarette cravings.

Final Thoughts

These are just a few of the bots that inspire us by changing the world for good. I`m sure that people realized the way that a bot could help not only with customer service and marketing but it can help to change the world, word by word.

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Posted by Maya S.