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It looks like every year brings in new trends and technologies designed to make our lives better, easier and happier. We’re already used to asking Cortana what movie to watch and to order our dinner.

There are many reasons why chatbots can help your business, but let’s focus on some of the most valuable ones:

  • Custom service available 24/7
  • It doesn`t take a lot of time to make a chatbot
  • It will give you a significant competitive edge

The chances are good that you’ll be amazed by the wide range of chatbot apps available for you to use.

To help, we made a list of 10 chatbots you should follow for your business:


If your business has anything to do with traveling or tourism, you should consider examining the chatbot algorithm of Instalocate and check whether a similar one can be a solid match for your business. It’s a real-time flight tracking chatbot allowing to check on flight status, departure/arrival time, gate information and delay alerts. With Instalocate, you can enjoy an improved flight experience. It’s currently available for Facebook Messenger.


You can integrate Meekan chatbot with your Slack channel and arrange meetings with teammates. Meekan, a great scheduling chatbot, can match the calendars of everyone from your contact’s list, find common free times and schedule meetings for the time most suitable for everyone. Not even to mention that Meekan can reschedule meetings and resolve conflicts when something goes wrong.


It doesn’t make a difference if your business is related to wellness and nutrition, or if you just want your employees to be healthy and productive, Forksy s exactly what you are searching for. Luckily for you and everybody intrigued by building healthy habits, this chatbot can be effectively incorporated with your Facebook messenger or Viber.

Forksy is more similar to a virtual friend than a regular chatbot. You can plan and share your daily meal plan and get feedback on your food choices. You can send your virtual friend a picture of your food, and it will understand what you mean.


Gone are the days when searching for plane tickets via platforms like Skyscanner was already cool enough. As technologies evolve, companies have no choice but to catch up. It seems like Skyscanner understands the rules better than the majority of businesses in its niche. Now you can interact with Skyscanner’s chatbot in your Facebook messenger and search for the best tickets without the need to leave your social network. Saving time and effort ─ what a good job, Skyscanner.


We are all the generation of consumers. If that applies to you, at least to a certain degree, you’ll appreciate the services Penny chatbot offers. In general, Penny is your virtual bank manager. Not only can it provide you with a detailed report on your expenses and incomes, but it can also securely keep all your passwords of bank accounts. At this moment, Penny exists in the form of separate iOS and Android apps only, but you should keep an eye on updates. Possibly soon, you’ll see it in Facebook Messenger, Telegram or Viber, too.


Considering implementing an inbound marketing strategy to your business? Looking for educational materials on the subject? Then, there is great news for you. Meet JungleBit, an intelligent Facebook Messenger chatbot willing to guide you through the world of inbound marketing, paying particular attention to the most relevant information on the subject. JungleBit chatbot is exceptionally smart; he asks you questions to determine your level of expertise.


Plum is billed as the first AI-powered Facebook chatbot that enables you to start saving small amounts of money easily. The chatbot connects your current account, and Plum’s AI learns your spending habits, allowing it to automatically deposit small amounts of money into your Plum savings account every few days.


Cleo bills itself as an intelligent chatbot for your money. The AI-powered chatbot, which gets its full launch today, lets you interrogate your bank accounts and credit card data and helps you keep track of your spending and hopefully budget better.


English is still the dominant language in the majority of business niches. That’s why it’s so important to understand English speech and be able to reply. With Andy app for iOS and Android, you no longer need to attend language courses. For your daily portion of education, download Andy native app or Andy English chatbot for Telegram or Facebook Messenger. As soon as it’s done, you have an English-speaking friend correcting your mistakes, helping you learn new words, and talking to you about whatever you want.


Visabot is an immigration attorney bot that helps you better understand American immigration laws and apply for the right visa based on your personal background and resume. Visabot ensures forms are accurately filled out and helps you save your time in this often-tedious process. Extra points for Visabot’s website design. It’s neat, straightforward and features enticing user-generated content.


Posted by Maya S.