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If you are somebody who is even remotely intrigued by tech, you have more than likely heard about “chatbots” and how they are the next big thing ─ and, how they totally change the way businesses work.

However, if you’re still in the dark when it comes to chatbots and business, keep reading! In this article, we will research how you can use chatbots in your business, especially if you operate in the e-commerce space.

1. Personalized Content Experiences

A few companies use chatbots to concentrate solely on content; the chatbots fill in as an expansion of their content marketing strategy. These bots sustain a relationship with customers and give immediate value without any work on the user’s part.

2. Common Customer Service Questions

One awesome use of chatbots is to provide customer service. If your customer service team is asked the same questions over and over, a chatbot is an excellent way to field some of those questions. You just have to teach it what to say.

3. Streamline Product Purchases

Chatbots that are designed to sell can help you support sales and supplement your income. Using the chatbot to show clients the items they’re searching for and prepare simple sales deals right in the Messenger application.

4. Specialized Services

A lot of companies have their own smartphone apps that provide automated services. However, you can take this to the next level by creating chatbots that offer these services in the Messenger application itself.


Posted by Maya S.