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When it comes to being the black sheep and standing out, getting your voice heard, and engaging with fans and many followers, personal chatbots work like a charm.

By definition, chatbots are brilliant, automated, digital avatars that are fit for mirroring human-like discussions. They learn by conversing with you and your followers and represent you to the world day in and day out.

As an influencer, you receive many questions and emails every day. Also, you are frequently posting, reacting to each dedicated follower, and keeping up a brand voice, which all can be genuinely hard to accomplish on a regular basis.

Imagine if there was a way to get someone else to do your dirty work for you on a daily basis! Wouldn’t it be amazing to have someone take care of all your online efforts on your behalf?

Imagine those pending posts, unanswered comments and messages, 100th demand for a sneak look into your way of life, and so on. Now, imagine all those pending tasks disappearing into thin air, all thanks to your very own trained chatbot.

Intrigued? Keep reading to see how chatbots help in the daily lives of influencers.


By default, chatbots bolster short, concise messages which are less demanding to both read and write. As an influencer who needs to write and market content, chatbots provide what is by far one of the most effective ways of presenting content ─ in a discussion.

A bot can simply ask a fan what they are searching for, what they like, what they don’t care for, and show them significant data.


Engaging with followers, networking with fellow influencers, and building relations with brands lies at the heart of every successful influencer’s strategy.

Luckily for us, chatbots take influencer marketing to another level by personalizing the entire process.

Start with teaching your bot to talk like you by giving it your tone and style of conversation. Focus it on being of help to your followers and you should be good to go.

3. BE ACTIVE 24/7

Although every influencer strives for an everyday presence on the internet, if we take the number of platforms we are attempting to achieve this on, it might be downright absurd.

From including all influencer channels under one roof, your chatbot is there for your fans at all times — even if you’re not. What this means is that you no longer need to login to many platforms and tools to check what’s going on with your online identity, nor do you have to share your content on all targeted channels, as your bot can do that for you.


Chatbots can, without much of a stretch, gather and screen consumer information, including tracking behavior to help you improve your marketing strategies.

The data is broken down and assembled by chatbots to upgrade personalization efforts, and it expedites the solution of everyday customer struggles, such as the difficulty of finding a service or product, among other things. Following client information gathered by chatbots gives you a chance to distinguish core issues that customers have and to explain them, and you also get the opportunity to boost your micro-influencer marketing.

The opportunity to analyze data and trends gives you an idea on how to navigate influencer campaigns.


Be where your fans are, on all the social networks. Connect with them with a bot that works 24/7 across all social channels. Personalize subscriptions for fans to watch latest videos and offer the power to share content in a click. Chatbots help you to easily send automatic live updates to millions of fans, as well.


Chatbots are versatile tools and can be integrated with email to create nurturing campaigns. Lead nurturing is key to moving leads down your sales funnel, and chatbots will collect valuable information that will tell you when to deliver relevant content to your consumers.

Posted by Maya S.