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It’s without a doubt that majority of small business owners lack the adequate time or even staff to provide every customer with undivided attention, as well as sales advice. Chatbots will come in handy for that particular problem, as they provide dynamic solutions. This helps free up employee’s time, while simultaneously providing customers with a 24/7 access to an inquisitive sales advisor.

Chatbots are your way out here. What you need to know is that a chatbot can do all your dirty work for you. A bot is the newest, hottest bit of technology right now, and it’s a great way to connect with followers and brands alike. You’re probably wondering how, so let’s take a look at what a chat bot can do for you and your personal image branding.


A chat bot is an advanced version of you that talks like you and copies your identity. What better approach to spreading your conclusions about anything than to have an agreeable little bot to do it for you? Imagine that you could educate your bot to discuss your thoughts on the current trends or give surveys on the most recent waterproof lipsticks.

Assume that you’re a musician. You could have your very own chatbot to tell your fans how many hours a day you practice, what guitar strings you use, or even when your new album will be on sale.

Showcasing insider knowledge through a conversational interface can help solidify your personal branding goals in more ways than one, especially when there’s literally no hard work involved!


Imagine that you travel for an entire week and you can`t connect with your followers ─ wouldn`t be nice if someone’s taking care of your personal branding efforts and engaging with fans online?

Chatbots give your fans the sense that they’re interacting with you, without you having to lift a finger. So, say you usually post on Wednesdays, but your fans like to login on Fridays. They can still have a quick conversation with your chatbot, see what you’ve been up to, and everyone’s a winner!


Fans associate with influencers they believe are authentic. Brands love this, as well. It means they’re focusing on their targeted audience of people ─ the general population who have the same taste as you. One of the main ways to show people what you stand for is not really what you promote on your posts, but who you are as a person.

It`s hard to have intimate one-on-one conversations with everyone, but with a chatbot, it’s as easy as texting a friend. Chatbots allow you to be truly yourself but share that with the world in a way that doesn’t feel forced.

The issue with having so much decision is that it can be overwhelming, particularly when you have vast individual marketing goals. Tunes on Spotify, YouTube videos, photos on Instagram ─ if you can’t keep up then how is a fan suppose to?

Chatbots are the solution to that problem. too. Post something on your feed, and let your bot share it with all your fans for you. Anyone, anywhere, can see all that you’ve been up to on all your social media by just going to one place ─ your bot.

We believe it’s an excellent way to connect with people, whether those people are fans or brand representatives, and we believe that you shouldn’t have to waste time on things that can be done for you.

Chat Bots are clearly the future of personal branding models, strategies, practices ─ just name it ─ it’s time to jump on board and create your own chatbot.

Posted by Maya S.