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Bot fever has taken over the world! As a result of the massive, man made brainpower that has taken off in 2016, customer support is only one case of what this recently created innovation can do. Chatbots have been rapidly crawling their way into our day by day business routines, or if nothing else, will be sooner than we think.

Social Media is one of the most used channels for managing client related issues. Brands are currently using Twitter and Facebook to react to consumer questions and complaints, because today, customers like to communicate on the go and take their issues up on social media. It is evident that brands need to respond to customer service issues on social media, as they arise.

Many brands take 24 hours to respond to a question. This gets frustrating for an industry that should have 24×7 support, plus add in those long wait times on 1-800 phone calls. It might not seem like it at first, but chatbots and customer service are a match made in heaven. This is what a world of chatbot customer service would look like ─ precise, efficient, fast.

Acting as the first contact for client service requests, chatbots can help filter through essential and nonspecific inquiries, as well as contextually based requests.

The perfect usage of bots is not to replace customer service agents, but rather to improve them.

The Benefits of Chatbots in Customer Support


Efficient Customer Service

Effectiveness is key with regards to customer support, particularly in the contact center. Limiting downtime enables operators to help more clients and customers, which implies an enhanced experience all around. Chatbots will be incredible at enhancing the effectiveness and profitability of your agents.

Personal Experience

Chatbots can be used to give a more customized experience to clients. A chatbot that carries on a conversation, even if it is a scripted one, will feel much more personal and responsive than only telling customers to find it out for themselves on your website.

Chatbots can feel like a private right hand, or personal support agent, to deal with standard requests, questions and even troubleshooting. A.I. will engage chatbots to end up considerably more personal, by learning your shopping preferences to make recommendations or by letting you know about promotions or shipping updates.


At the end of the day, chatbots will offer a huge boost to improving customer experience. With the effortlessness to use applications and platforms that they usually do, consumers will appreciate the consistent experience of shopping or troubleshooting with a bot. Since it can also all be done on a mobile platform, as we know the industry is shifting in that direction, customers will enjoy the increased connectivity and availability of support.

The secret is to make life less demanding for the customer service agents. If you can accomplish that, you will reduce wait times for customers and solve issues faster. Rather than trying to replace the agent, replace the manual tasks the agent has to do. Focus on their goals, and use bots to automate the process.

Final Thoughts

Chatbots will continue to develop and upgrade, and, who knows, in the future might replace a good percentage of customer service, or handle the majority of the tickets.

Posted by Maya S.