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Affiliate marketing is a booming business that continues to grow exponentially year after year, presenting untold opportunities to savvy salespeople everywhere. Given its very vastness, though, you’ll be finding yourself up against some very talented marketers, no matter the niche that you focus on, making it absolutely crucial that you do everything possible to have even the very latest tools and techniques available to you.

Whether you find yourself already established as an affiliate marketer, or you’re just planning on getting into the game, check out this to-do list of affiliate marketing conferences in 2013:

1. Affiliate Summit West

Affiliate Summit West

If mingling with the most successful affiliate marketers in the world sounds like a worthwhile use of your time, Affiliate Summit West in Las Vegas is the event that you should plan for in 2013! Focused on nothing but affiliate marketing, this summit will bring together your fellow affiliates, merchants old and new, networking platforms, tools and other players in the industry to work together in the interest of generating knew techniques and increased success.

Affiliate Summit West will offer an array of programs, each centered around a keynote speaker that will attend in order to share their experiences on the road to their personal success, offsetting that information with workshops that focus on real, implementable solutions for your business.

When and Where: Next year’s Affiliate Summit West will take place between January 13-15, 2013 at Caesar’s Palace in glitzy Las Vegas, Nevada – an exciting host for an exciting conference!

2. World Social Marketing Conference

World Social Marketing Conference

With a mission of achieving good social marketing practices for everyone the world over, the World Social Marketing Conference is the place to be if you want to stay on the cutting edge of the most successful marketing principles in your affiliate endeavors.

This year’s WSMC will focus on the application of web surfer behavior research and targeted marketing, bringing together some of the best minds in the business to discuss every aspect of turning visitors into buyers, while looking at how marketing is encroaching on some unexpected areas of business.

When and Where: Toronto, Ontario, Canada’s largest city, will provide the backdrop to 2013’s iteration of the World Social Marketing Conference, set to be held at the Westin Harbour Castle in the city’s downtown from April 21-23, 2013. Get a head start and book this hotel via Luxury-hotels.com!

3. Pubcon South 2013

Pubcon South 2013

Providing just the right mix of marketing ability and product knowledge, Pubcon is an event that seeks to help all attendees be better at drawing eyes to what they have to offer, no matter the niche that you focus on. Keynote speakers, in-depth workshops and other focused events will combine with nearly unlimited networking opportunities, making this one of the best events of the year for building your affiliate marketing business.

When and Where: Known better for its Vegas adventures, Pubcon will be returning to New Orleans from April 22-25, 2013, in order to host one of the largest search, social and affiliate marketing conferences in the world, right on the banks of the beautiful Mississippi River.

4. Search Marketing Expo – London

Search Marketing Expo - London

Being a successful affiliate marketer means being a successful search engine marketer – there is simply no way around it. With the knowledge that SEO skills are crucial to your business, consider attending 2013’s London iteration of the Search Marketing Expo (SMX), a congregation of colleagues, search engine experts and web designers that, collectively, understand the web better than anyone else.

Google Fellow Amit Singhal, one of the search engine company’s most accomplished engineers, will be in attendance for this event, giving a keynote speech and offering his unbeatable insight into the way that Google works, making this a unique opportunity to better understand the platform that powers a good part of your affiliate marketing business.

When and Where: London, England is one stop among many for SMX, hosting the event on May 15-16, 2013.