How to save money and the Environment, Carbon footprint reduction book has been launched today! This Carbon footprint book will explore how to save money and the environment all at the same time. This is a carbon footprint reduction ebook. 

Particularly in these troubled times it is easier to save a pound / dollar then it is to make a pound / dollar. This simple guide to carbon offsetting will give you everything you need to save hundreds per week / thousands per year. You will learn how to live a low-carbon life. This is the idiots guide to your carbon footprint. Save cash and the planet with this book.

The carbon footprint reduction book contains
What is footprint your footprint
Why reduction is important
Why offsetting is important
How to reduce your carbon footprint
How living a low carbon life can save you money

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Why an ebook Penguin estimates a 500-page paperback will typically account for around 2.5 kg of carbon dioxide emissions per copy and other estimates suggest that 35% of all books are never read.  At 240 million books being printed for the UK that is a lot of carbon pollution.

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