Yummypets loves lol cats and dogs more than Facebook

Yummypets is the self proclaimed “social network for pets”. Having analysed lots of Facebook Fan pages photos of cats and dogs are super popular so why not have a whole social network full of them. If you are a pet lover and have a pet this is the place for you to hang out and [...]

Instagram Gives Users Profile Web Pages

Instagram announced recently that they are creating profile pages to display the photos uploaded by each member. This week’s Future of Engagement video has the details: Video Highlights: Web pages look similar to Facebook Instagram has 100 MILLION users and expects these pages to grow them even faster Be sure to add a link to [...]

Cloudcache: A safe cloud hosting solution

I heard about Cloudcache from a friend who recommended it. Find out what it did for me: Cloudcache is a content delivery network (CDN), also known as a cloud cache. These services work by hosting your big files on super-fast servers, which gives you a variety of benefits. I chose Cloudcache over other services for [...]


Your Affiliate Marketing Conference TO-DO Plan for 2013

Affiliate marketing is a booming business that continues to grow exponentially year after year, presenting untold opportunities to savvy salespeople everywhere. Given its very vastness, though, you’ll be finding yourself up against some very talented marketers, no matter the niche that you focus on, making it absolutely crucial that you do everything possible to have [...]

Looking for Affiliate Programs?


5 Best Cloud Storage Affiliate Programs

The web goes through constant changes regarding what’s hot and what’s not and cloud has proven to be the buzzword of 2012. Given the popularity of remote storage and web-based applications along with its tight integration in the upcoming Windows 8, this popularity is likely to continue through 2013 and beyond. What is the Cloud? [...]

CommentLuv Premium Deadline Extended

Fortunately, for any blogger who hasn’t heard yet about CommentLuv Premium or couldn’t buy it by yesterday, the big news today is that Andy has extended the deadline to obtain CommentLuv Premium during the prelaunch until TOMORROW, October 5, 2011 at NOON EST. For Murray’s readers in London and across the UK, the deadline in [...]

Adtribution, affiliate adtribution that is by HasOffers

Adtribution is important to affiliates because in many sectors consumers take time to research products before they buy them. A consumer might read a review on a blog one day search on Google the next and click on a paid add and then buy the item with a discount code. Right now most affiliate programs would only pay [...]

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Get hundreds of people to tweet about your blog post in exchange for a post

Want to get people to tweet about your blog posts can make it grow an audiance fast. EasyRetweet is a service that can help you do this. Want to know how you can get 5500 FREE credits and help EasyRetweet grow at the same time? It only takes 3 easy steps! Step 1: Do a [...]

Blogger Relations: Learn how to build relationships with other bloggers in Future of Publishing!

Blogger relations can transcend the digital world and some of the most valuable and peronally important relationships with other bloggers start (or continue) offline. When I was at BlogWorld in Los Angeles, I was fortunate enough to interview Darren Rowse of Digital Photography School. Running a marketing consultancy and blogger relations firm myself, I was [...]

How is social media reacting to SXSW? Find out in Future of Engagement!

The 19th annual SXSW interactive festival started on March 9, and thousands of media professionals from around the country are tweeting their way to Austin, Texas for the industry’s most talked-about event. It’s the kind of media event that everyone wants to be part of, even if they aren’t there. Days before the event started, [...]

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