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Building a bot is easy. Unfortunately, keeping users is not as easy. To survive, businesses need to find a way to engage customers. To go beyond survival and achieve success, they need to both grow an audience and retain customers over time.

Keeping up with new developments in technology is a big task. Chatbots have arrived and are set to be a major factor in business improvement throughout the upcoming years. However, as an entrepreneur, artificial intelligence (AI) might leave you feeling like you have wandered into the twilight zone.


Chatbots: A Game Changing Factor

With chatbots, the game has changed. People see chatbots as a directional communicating channel vs. SMS which is perceived as a uni-directional push. These chatbots replace and streamline the service provided by call centers and email response teams, leading to cost savings for retailers and more efficient experiences for customers.

Bots can altogether improve client engagement, yet poor chatbot configuration can result in disappointing user experiences. How would you guarantee that your chatbots positively engage new users and retain existing ones?

Understanding a bot’s extraordinary discussion structure─given classification, capacity, and client base─is the start of a more profound investigation that drives chatbot maintenance and engagement.

Companies frequently consider the first method of communication (how to connect with), but should instead focus on what makes people come back over and over again. High engagement is a byproduct of great design, solving a user problem and leveraging the unique power of the chat platform.

The great thing about chatbots is the dynamic, real-time interaction with users that can be used to focus on what brings your customers back.


5 Chatbot Tips to Increase Customer Engagement:


1. Chatbots Can be Used For Customer Satisfaction

Problem-solving conversations and effective guidance and assistance will have the positive effect on customer relations.


2. Customers Love Personalization

Chatbots give your customers one-on-one communication the way they expect it. Now, customers will feel closer to the brand when they are treated as “individuals.”


3. Chatbots Provides Real-Time Communication

Chatbots are the fastest response channel when communicating with the customer. Ultimately, this can lead to time and cost savings.


4. Chatbots are Easily Integrated

Due to their flexible infrastructure, chatbots can be easily integrated with other channels that brands use to improve engagement. For example, a customer can start a conversation about a reservation with the chatbot and then can be led to an online purchase page easily.


5. Chatbots Enrich User Experiences

Your customer’s experiences are enriched with the active involvement of your brand’s ambassador─your chatbot. You can consider chatbots as brand representatives that have a real-time interaction with the customers. Adding an interactive channel to your system will provide another alternative for your audience.


Final Thoughts

Heading out to the chatbot highway with the assistance of a professional service will most probably shorten the way of success. If your business doesn`t have a bot yet, make sure to jump on the hype and make one using Chattypeople bot making platform.

Posted by Maya S.